Some years before, and since then, individuals over 19 have been able to purchase and use it legally in the province. The safe way they used to buy cannabis in Vancouver was through British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch (BCLDB).

Weed Delivery in Vancouver, BC

BCLDB operates a website called BC cannabis stores, the legal online retailer of recreational cannabis in the province. Purchase of cannabis through the BC cannabis store was straightforward. The website offers a wide selection of products, including dried flowers, edibles, and concentrates from licensed producers.

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Making a purchase

Before making a purchase, the customers need to browse through the products, read the information carefully about each one, including the THC, CBD contents, and prices and have some reviews. The customers could know and decide what products to buy and weed delivery in Vancouver, BC.

Once the customers selected, they placed their orders for the weed delivery in Vancouver, BC, and picked them up at the nearby store. To receive the delivery, it was a must that the customer provides proof of their age by issuing a government-issued ID to confirm that they were not underage.

Factors that determine delivery times and availability of products

The customer’s location and the dependence on the product acted as the main factor in the weed delivery in Vancouver, BC. Before one placed an order, one was advised to check the BC cannabis store website to get the latest information on the product availability and delivery times.

Apart from the presence of the BC cannabis stores, there were still illegal dispensaries that operated in Vancouver, BC. It was advised that the purchase and use of cannabis from these sources was not legal; hence individuals who bought from these establishments could face penalties if caught.

Purchasing cannabis from illegal sources was illegal and kept the customer’s health and safety at risk since the government did not regulate the illegal dispensaries. There was no guarantee that the products sold were safe or of good quality.

License provision of the BC cannabis stores by the government

In contrast, licenses for the BC cannabis stores and hence provision and monitoring of the stores were done by the government, which had to follow strict standards to ensure the safety and quality of their products.

The sources offered products that had licensed producers and had undergone rigorous testing to ensure that they were safe for consumption and accurate.


Recreational cannabis was legal in Vancouver, BC, for individuals over 19. The popular way they used to purchase cannabis in the city was through the BC cannabis stores and the only legal online retailer of recreational cannabis in the province.

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